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Anti-Vaccine Group Challenges California’s Ban on Unimmunized Children in Schools


In 2014, an outbreak of measles at the popular Disneyland resort in California prompted a huge response from Anti-Vaccine groups and Vaccine supporters alike. Some argued that the state should ban unvaccinated children from schools in order to ensure that they did not risk catching and spreading diseases to which they were not immune, while those who were anti-vaccine argued that some vaccines are potentially unsafe and that it should be the choice of the parent to vaccinate, not the court – contact Ned if you’re in need of a lawyer. However, Jerry Brown – governor of California – recently signed a bill imposing such restrictions.

What Does the Bill Mean?

This bill would require schoolchildren to be vaccinated against common diseases such as measles and whooping cough in order, they argue, to protect the student body as a whole. It would require unvaccinated children to be homeschooled in order to prevent their interaction with a large body of vaccinated children to whom their lack of immunity could prove a threat and from whom they could catch diseases to which they were not immune.


Some Groups Are Threatening to Take Legal Action

vaccine fightSome parental groups are very happy to see the changes imposed, as they believe the vaccinations to be beneficial to their children. However, there are many more who believe not only that vaccinations can be harmful, but more importantly that the legislation interferes directly with their parenting. They claim that the legislation is doing away with standing ideas such as informed consent and is infringing on their parental rights.

What do the Experts Say?

Most medical professionals are in consensus that vaccines are beneficial to everybody. They argue that while it is certainly true that there is no such thing as medical intervention without risk, it is in fact far more risky to leave a child unimmunized. There are some professionals who argue to the contrary, citing widespread side effects to vaccines that could potentially prove harmful to children in later life. However, Governor Brown and the courts have apparently fallen on the side of the former, agreeing that vaccines are beneficial to the community as a whole and supplying legislation to back their widespread adoption.

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